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  1. Read your article on On Line Opinions.

    Someone panned your writings there. Evidently you don’t have any “real life” experience and don’t know what you are talking about.

    So perhaps you should have been a plumber THEN become a teacher. As a plumber you would have gained “real-life” experience and would be better qualified to teach AND comment on improving the education system?

    O.K. His lack of logic did confuse me a little.

    Nice website anyway…and you appear to know something about education.

    But what would I know.

    You may have even been a great plumber too – if you had ever bothered to get a real job. Ya know eh.

    Bring back the cane!!! It worked!!

  2. Thanks Phil for continuing the reflective journey for me.Some history….
    I married kathy jackson back in 1974.your brother Ted did my first year inspection at Dimbulah with bernie.

    Chris Bonnor & Jane Caro [UNSW Press 2007]: The Stupid Country : How Australia is dismantling publice education.
    Chris suggests that you “…replace John Howard with Kevin Rudd..and Julie with Julia.” The authors ask “…whether we really want to continue stumbling blindly down our current path, risking the health of out public schools and everything they have created – our prospertity, unity, stability – even, perhaps, our democracy.”
    {Google ‘bonnor stupid country’]

    Tom Newkirk [Heinnemann 2009] : Holding on to Good Ideas in a time of Bad Ideas.
    One reviewer suggests that the book is a reminder that “…we are professionals, not technicians. Newkirk illuminates teaching as an intellectual endeavour, a continuos process of observation, small experiments and reflections that inform and change what we do in classroom.”
    See :

    Karen Horowitz : White Chalk Crime
    The author a victim of teacher abuse, suggests that EducRATS are the New Mafia. She defines an EducRAT as “…a hired, appointed or elected leader more engrossed in $$$ and Power than in educating our children.” By the calculated use of psychological terror, they squelch resistance from Principals, Teachers and Parents. They are more interested in expanding their power than in expanding children’s minds. One reviewer says that Principals and Teachers have become sheep, afraid of losing their jobs or becoming the next target.
    See :

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