Teachers and parents and other supporters of American  school children are gathering on 28-31 July in various cities around the U.S.A. with Washington D.C. being the major rallying centre. They want to indicate their concern for way that their children are treated and for the probable damage to the future of their country caused by the ravages of fear-driven testing,  the damage to the holistic development of  learning and the probable destruction of children and adolescents’ natural love for learning. They want to raise the set levels of achievement in all subject areas and all aspects of personal eddeavour that is now limited by such programs as NCLB and ‘Race to the Top’. They want Americans to learn more and better.

It’s a meeting of loving, compassionate folk who are concerned about the plight of school children, the preservation of professional ethics and of family concern for the future of our children; who want to tell the world how they feel. They want their school children to regain the freedom to learn .