A School-based Revolution

Suppose Australians want the country to produce high quality citizens,  achieving at their maximum potential and enjoying the experience of learning about anything that takes their fancy,  whether it be vocational, aesthetic, sporting, health,  recreational …any personal interests that detracts from anti-social,  boredom-inspired activity.

Suppose it wants its pupils to experience a well-tailored, school-based, teacher-friendly, time-conscious curriculum that encompasses these goals instead of having to focus on lower-cognitive skills just to pass examinations.

Suppose it needs its citizens to be happy because they like learning new things that satisfy needs and bring happiness and contentment as they age.

There is no need to follow the lead of U.S.A.,  Britain,  Finland or institute a modern version of the Revised Code. Australia has the talent to create a system that leads the world in achievement,  business,  environmental care, providing opportunities,  health care and every other thing that makes life lively,  because there is a pervading quest for excellence from Year One to Year Twelve.

Australia  needs home-grown school leaders who know what they are doing. There are plenty available.

The alternative is a reliance on sanitised political spin and hard-nosed totalitarian ordinances.

Let’s examine a structure that is certain to work.  It will require some robust political gumption to institute. The Ministerial Council for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs [MCEETYA] will have to initate the processes of change even though some members will have to commit positional harakiri. Unwilling as this organisation has been in the past to focus on schools, it needs direct  help from and sincere involvement of Primary and Secondary Associations.

May the shape be with us.